Cresskill Performing Arts is a studio dedicated to singing, dancing, acting, and fencing classes for anyone from toddlers to teens and adults!


Cresskill Performing Arts-Happy Students

We are a constantly growing and evolving performance arts center, dedicated to meeting the varied needs of all our students. Many of our classes focus on the aspiring performer, including acting, improv, voice, and dance lessons. Ballet, jazz, hip-hop, and modern – we do it all! Fencing is also a part of our curriculum, perfect for honing your skills for theatrical swordfights in Hamlet or competitive fencing for fun and exercise. Both private and semi-private lessons are available in foil, epee, sabre, rapier, rapier & dagger, small sword and more. For our younger members,



Cresskill offers Once Upon a Time and Creative Legos workshops! Once Upon a Time focuses on reading-readiness, activing, and crafting perfect for 4 to 7-year-olds, while our Creative Legos class involves teamwork and problem-solving alongside building and fun. Birthday parties are also a popular treat at Cresskill Performing Arts, whether your child wants a dance, art, fencing, or a fairy party, we’ve got you covered! Parties are held in two studio spaces, reasonably priced, and open to anyone age 3 and up.

At Cresskill Performing Arts, we’re proud to offer a range of services from our “triple threat” singing, dancing, and acting classes to fencing and parties. We look forward to helping your child or teen grow, learn, and have a great time doing it!



Cresskill Performing Arts was established in 2006. We have grown from one room in a community center to our state-of-the-art studio in Cresskill with 5 studio spaces, spacious lobby, dressing rooms, and plenty of parking. We have lots of happy children and parents, and look forward to welcoming you! Our classes are small, our teachers are amazing — one recently nominated for a VMA award for choreography — and our atmosphere is inclusive and nurturing.  Join us!