Here at Cresskill Performing Arts, our focus is on the individual student.

We believe that everyone brings their own special talents to us, and it is our responsibility to nurture, protect and support each student so that they grow in the arts…happy, healthy, engaged, and part of our community.

We include people with all different talents and abilities at CPA, since we believe everyone can benefit from arts education. Multiple studies show that children who participate in the arts do better in school, and we see that every day at the studio.  Learning to set personal goals, working hard, and achieving their goals are not only dance/voice/acting/fencing lessons, but life lessons as well.  As a family-based, non-competitive studio, we model healthy relationships, mutual respect, diversity, and giving back to the community.

Shows for autism programs like The Daniel Jordan Fiddle Foundation, fundraising for A Slice of Hope with our Dancing for Hope Festival, donating our time and talents to Earth Day Fair flashmobs, and performing at senior residences and nursing homes are always part of our schedule.  These events not only help our charitable endeavors, but they teach our students to give back and be part of something greater than themselves.

A four year old in our Ballet Beginnings class is just as important to us at Cresskill Performing Arts as our Senior Company and Ballet 6/Pointe dancers.  Everyone here is part of our extended family, and they are treated as such.  We have a special program geared to helping students with their college auditions and preparation, and many students have been successful in the arts (Broadway, National Tours, Disney channel, etc.) as well as in their academic endeavors (Columbia, NYU, Northwestern, more).

Please feel free to contact us, visit us, and ask any questions…we look forward to welcoming you to Cresskill Performing Arts!