Fencing is a wonderful sport
combining mental excitement and bodily exercise.

We begin by teaching basic fencing skills with the foil; these include the en garde stance and basic footwork. We then familiarize the student with the foil target, which helps the student learn as well as “feel” the proper distance for fencing. As the student progresses, we introduce attack, parry and riposte exercises.

Cresskill Performing Arts Fencing Class
As students become more proficient, they join our “Open Fencing” hours, when they drop in and work with other fencers under supervision.Our fencing students also can display their skills at our December Work-in-Progress shows, and as an intermission exhibition at some performances.

Fencing Lessons are private or semi-private. We use a class card system; tuition is by the month, in advance.Should you need to reschedule a lesson, just let us know in advance, and we are happy to accommodate you.




  • Private lessons  are $55 for a 40 minute lesson, or $220/class card.
  • Semi-private lessons are $70 for a 40 minute lesson, or $280/class card. There is no membership fee.
  • Open Fencing Hours are $15 per drop-in, which is a “floor” fee.


We also offer Fencing Camps in the summer!

Cresskill Performing Arts Fencing


Our Fencing Masters, Jacob Pressley and Stephen Daly, both studied with Joseph Daly (1930-2015).

Joseph Daly studied fencing with Giorgio Santelli, Csaba Elthes, and Ben Zivkovic, to name a few. Member of AFLA and USA Fencing and FIE. Taught theatrical fencing at HB Studio, NYC, for 40 years. Coached Robert DeNiro, Aidan Quinn, Michael Moriarty, and Griffin Dunne for fencing roles in films.

Stephen Daly started fencing at age 7, and has been honing his skills ever since, teaching at Cresskill Performing Arts from 2009.

Jacob Pressley has studied both theatrical and competitive fencing as an adult and he is an SAFD Certified Actor Combatant in multiple weapon types.