Toni-Marie S. |

A+++++++++ STUDIO!

First, the program offerings are spectacular! You’d think (possibly like I did) that a dance studio is just that…a dance
studio…with strict teachers and limited flexibility and a sole focus on dance, above all…and class sizes that aren’t
small enough to let your child SHINE. Without a doubt, this studio has shattered this view for me. Classes are by the
PLENTY, class sizes are small (as small as 2 children, and as large as 10 children), class times make is so easy to fit
into your schedule, and the teachers are, by far, the greatest and most endearing to every child in attendance. They offer
other types of classes as well including LEGO workshop, fencing, theatre, tumbling/acrobatics introduction, improvisation,
and various others.

The teachers deserve accolades for all that they do for the students and how closely they offer their time and attention
to every individual. Patience and a compassionate spirit is the KEY to a successful relationship with any child and these
teachers go the distance. Not only are they talented in each of their own, respective rights and fields but they really
know how to put on a show, which is reflected in the recital each year where all students perform in dance, theatre, and
acrobatics. It is truly amazing to see the fruits of your child’s labor and the makings of attending class each week.
Without question, my son is excited to attend class, see his classmates, and show his teachers his moves! Ms. Anneliese
recently began writing for in 2013 and has 30+ years of experience in dance. She was an excellent teacher to my
son in ballet this year and, surprisingly, ballet was his FAVORITE class. Miss Ljuba has been his hip-hop teacher for two
years and she is not only a professional dancer but a musician/lyricist/songwriter as well. She’s been touring recently
with her band LoveCryme, and although we miss her, we know that we can expect BIG THINGS in the Fall once she is back
teaching again. Many of the teachers at the studio are involved in professional performance work in addition to the
teaching they do at the studio which excites everyone to see what they’ll do next and what BIG performances they’re
involved in. Others have toured with various artists and even performed in shows on Broadway as well as Sesame Street Live
and other children’s productions.

Another important aspect is the Summer Performing Arts Camp. This was my entry into the studio as a new member of the
community who wanted my son to become acclimated to a new environment prior to beginning school in a new town. …One of
the best decisions I’ve ever made!

The Summer Arts Camp is WILD in that there is SO MUCH your child will be doing while they attend…just enough of
EVERYTHING the studio offers including jazz, ballet, tap, hip-hop, acting/theater games, improv workshop,
arts & crafts, fencing, yoga, and other activities. Like I said, SO MUCH TO DO AT THIS STUDIO! My son LOVED attending this
program so much that I’ve enrolled him each Summer since our moving to the area, and yes, he will be there again this
Summer! They also offer a mini-camp during Spring Break which is basically a mini-version of the Summer Arts Camp…this
is a great outlet for some extra enrichment during the break, especially so for the moms and dads who might have work
obligations during this time and no one or no where to keep their children during work hours. Fencing and LEGO workshop is
also offered during BOTH camps. My son goes BANANAS for fencing and LEGO workshop!

What’s great about this studio is, again, the small class sizes which is what you can expect during camp seasons as well.
Classes rotate around the studio so that not ALL children are squeezed into one group or class. It’s a VERY well balanced
studio; VERY organized, VERY clean, and VERY excitable to be a part of. While I wait for my son in class, I sit in the
lounge and watch the recital videos that are on constant play and talk with the personnel working whom are AMAZING, REAL,
AND DOWN TO EARTH people…FRIENDS, really. They are so helpful and so personable, you almost forget that this is a place
of business…it’s a requiescence.

Lastly, the owner is someone, whom you’d think being an owner, would be unreachable and unavailable most, if not all, of
the time…WRONG! Miss Betsy is INCREDIBLE and I can only say this…a studio, a business, a facility…is only as great
as its owner…

Betsy welcomes everyone to the studio with open arms, ears, and heart which is evidenced by the state of the studio and
anything/everything I’ve reviewed thus far. Her organization is impeccable and her dedication to every class, group of
students, and individual child deserves commendation. Not to mention that she instructs one of the most CHALLENGING
classes of them all, ballet for children ages 3-5! I’m not even sure how she works with them towards performing but she